About the Fabric

The Airbella is made of the same silky fabric used by aerial acrobats and is load-tested up to 1900 lbs. It dries quickly and we're told by moms it feels "light as air."


When you receive your Airbella fabric, take it home and wash on cold with a non-scented detergent (high spin if possible). Either line dry or dry on LOW/NO heat. Do not dry on medium or high heat, since heat will destroy the integrity of the fabric.


Turn your hammock in to two baby wraps!
Lay your fabric out on the floor or a bed and locate the stretchy end. Cut from the center of the stretchy side to the tag at the middle. Flip it over and do the same to the opposite side so that you are left with 2 long, thin pieces of fabric. (You can cut one tag on each piece or take them off entirely, your choice.)


We've invented a streamlined method to save you a minute or two when tying your baby-carrying wrap. This quicker "punch" method works beautifully with the airbella birthing fabric, but please choose to use whichever wrapping method feels most secure and effective for you. We highly recommend you watch this Moby wrap video all the way through to learn the traditional "long-form" method of wrapping because it includes safety information about how to position your baby correctly in the wrap.