Heather Haugen

Heather Haugen is fanatical about movement. Fascinated by the joy movement brings, she has studied dance, gymnastics, Pilates, yoga, GYROTONIC® and aerial arts. Heather earned a Bachelor of Arts in dance from Pomona College, Pilates certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning Academy, GYROTONIC® certification and a certificate in GYROKINESIS®.

As a teacher of private and group class from her home studio, Heather weaves these movement methodologies together to help her students find greater strength, flexibility and vitality.

Heather has performed throughout the United States as an aerialist at large venues such as the Anaheim Convention Center and smaller venues such as The Southern Theater in Minneapolis. Always fascinated by learning how to comfortably inhabit her body, she tirelessly explores different mediums that allow a closer connection to the freedom we all had as children.

Heather is equally a performer, teacher, and student.