Launder & Retie...
To clean the Airbella fabric, remove the webbing loop, untie any knots, and launder on cold. High spin (to remove as much water as possible) and air dry or put in dryer on no-heat (best option) or low heat (next best option). Exposing fabric to heat will degrade its strength, making it more vulnerable to holes and tears.

Download a PDF example of a hospital's reprocessing instructions.

After washing, reattach the webbing straps:.



Give to mom for Baby Wraps...
Instead of washing, untie the fabric and give to Mom. Have her visit the URL on the fabric's tag (or click here) for instructions on using it as a baby wrap. Purchase replacement fabrics here:


Tell mom to remove any rings with grommets. Avoid clothing with outside zippers. If you see a small hole form you can treat it with a bit of hot glue or nailpolish to prevent it from running. If it is in a “high traffic” that receives weight, it still may get bigger. If a hole becomes the size of a fingertip or larger, either:

  • replace the fabric.
  • treat the edges of the hole with clear nailpolish or a VERY thin layer of hot glue to help prevent the hole size from increasing.
  • if it is near the side of the fabric, you can sheer off some of the width (the fabric can be cut in any direction and will not unravel).
  • instead of matching the end (tails) of your fabric when you reattach the loop, slide one end much longer than the other. This will move the hole up the side of the fabric where it will not receive direct pressure.

Small holes are not an issue, but long runs in the fabric can be. If you are not sure, place a hand near the hole/run and take a photo. Send to to ask whether it can be mended.