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What is the Airbella Birthing Hammock?

The Airbella birthing hammock began to take shape in 2016. Aerial Yoga Online worked with various hospitals and birth centers to investigate how an aerial yoga hammock can help moms more comfortably and safely access helpful laboring positions that utilize the power of gravity in birth.

Ask any midwife, doula, or labor nurse, and they will tell you that laboring on your back leads to a slower, more painful birth. For years labor nurses have turned to all sorts of tools (balls, bars, rebozos) to assist in the birthing room to help rotate baby in to an ideal position and help labor continue “on schedule.” The Airbella hammock replaces many of these with one versatile, comfortable tool that makes moving, resting, and proper muscle engagement/release during the laboring stages more accessible. It frees the sacrum and supports laboring positions beneficial for baby's repositioning and engagement. It also eliminates heavy lifting for birth partners and care providers.

How can I learn to use it effectively?

With your purchase you'll receive a PDF manual (printable) and supplemental video with important safety information and ideas for using the hammock during labor to assist in resting, muscle release, and assisted squatting. Because not all positions are appropriate at all stages of labor (or for all women), please work with your doula, mid-wife, or birth coach to determine what is best. If possible, it's helpful to be able to try all of the positions in the second trimester of pregnancy to create familiarity with postures, and several postures can be utilized at all trimesters of pregnancy.

What happens after the hammock is used?

You have the option of washing/reprocessing. Or, skip the hassle and swap out a clean replacement fabric (see pink button above), and Mom takes hers home to use as a babywrap.

Who can I contact with questions?


Prenatal Videos & More...

Coming Soon! Aerial Prenatal Videos for each trimester. You'll be able to use your regular aerial hammock OR your Airbella Birthing Hammock for the videos. Until then, read our article on AerialYoga.com for information about using an aerial hammock safely during pregnancy.