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What is the Airbella Birthing Hammock?

The Airbella birthing hammock began to take shape in 2016. Aerial Yoga Online worked with various hospitals and birth centers to investigate how an aerial yoga hammock can help moms more comfortably and safely access helpful laboring positions that utilize the power of gravity in birth.

Ask any midwife, doula, or labor nurse, and they will tell you that laboring on your back leads to a slower more painful birth. For years labor nurses have turned to all sorts of tools (balls, bars, rebozos) to assist in the birthing room to help rotate baby in to an ideal position and help labor continue “on schedule.” The Airbella hammock replaces these with one versatile, comfortable tool that makes moving, resting, and proper muscle engagement/release during the laboring stages more accessible. It gives the sacrum freedom to expand back and facilitates laboring positions beneficial for the repositioning and dropping of the baby through the pelvis.

How can I learn to use it effectively?

With your purchase you'll receive a training video and PDF manual (printable) with important safety information and suggested positions to try before and during labor to assist in resting, squatting, and gentle stretching. This Fall we've made some updates to the manual and are currently updating the instructional video. (All the same information is in the PDF!) Once the video is updated, we will send it to everyone who has purchased a hammock in the past.

We recommend also checking out these pages for washing/reprocessing information and how to turn your hammock in to a babywrap.

Where do I get more information?

We will soon be launching the full version of with extensive product information, prenatal videos, and stories from mothers and birthing professionals. Until then, please contact Becky Stella with your questions at the email below:

How do I buy them?

We've temporarily paused sales as we transition to our new improved design and new manufacturer! To be notified when hammocks are available, please email

Prenatal Videos & More...

Coming Soon! Aerial Prenatal Videos for each trimester. You'll be able to use your regular aerial hammock OR your Airbella Birthing Hammock for the videos. Until then, read Becky's recent blog post on for more information about using an aerial hammock safely during pregnancy.