How to…

Unbox, Hang, & Adjust Height


Launder & Reassemble

To clean your Airbella Birthing Hammock fabric, remove the webbing loop and launder on cold. High spin (to remove as much water as possible) and air dry or put in dryer on low/NO HEAT. After washing, reattach your webbing loop via this video.
Download a PDF example of a hospital’s reprocessing instructions.


Prevent & Mend Holes

Exposing to heat will degrade the strength of your fabric and can cause holes and tears to form. Tell mom to remove any rings with grommets. Avoid clothing with outside zippers. If you see a small hole form you can treat it with a bit of nailpolish to prevent it from running further. If it is in a “high traffic” that receives weight, it still may get bigger and you will want to purchase a replacement.