Pregnancy and Aerial Yoga

In general, aerialists are told that combining aerial and pregnancy is a risky combo. Pregnancy is always at the top of the list of contraindications for class. But, there is very little information online (at the time of this publication) about exactly what is risky and what is not. The few blog posts by aerial acrobats describing their own experiences of training through their own pregnancies are anecdotal and mostly refer to acrobatics and not aerial yoga.

So, is it ever ok to use a hammock during pregnancy? What about labor? Let’s dive in to the stages of pregnancy, and use some common sense to examine what might help or harm expectant moms… Continue reading at

Congrats Recent Graduates!

We just finished up our second summer Unnata training and would like to welcome our 8 new Unnata Aerial Yoga teachers to the teaching community! New aerial classes coming soon to NM, IA, OH, and MN!

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Revamped Aerial Yoga Online Website!

Hi friends! We’ve just launched a brand new version of the Aerial Yoga Online website.

DOWNLOADABLE VIDEOS are here! We have a growing library of both Aerial Fitness & Aerial Yoga video lessons, Hammock Kits and rigging tips, and links to upcoming events and Teacher Training programs.

Have a look around, and if you don’t see what you need, just contact us — We’re here to help.

— Becky and Heather