“Shortie” Hammocks

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“Shorties” are double-point hammocks (4 carabiners, 2 daisy chains) that are shorter than our standard 7 yard cut (14.5ft-19ft). SHORTIES ARE PRICED FAR BELOW THE SUM OF THEIR RETAIL PARTS! The perfect size for a standard home ceiling of 7-8.5 feet, Shorties are a great choice if you do not plan to create extra foot stirrups on your hammock. The fabric length ranges between 4.5-6.3 yards (again, perfect for a standard home ceiling) and since each cut length varies, the inventory is updated in the drop-down menu above.


  • Between 14-19 feet of “non-stretch” aerial fabric, 108″ wide. Stretches width-wise, not lengthwise for safety and comfort. (Tears at 2,000 lbs at the knot) For ceilings over 11 feet, purchase webbing extenders at right.
  • Hardware: 4 Steel carabiners, rated at 6,700 lbs
  • 2 of the strongest daisy chains on the market to adjust height: end-to-end 4000 lbs, each loop 3,400 lbs