Rigging Commercial

Will you be rigging one hammock or multiple?

If one hammock:
Send photos of your ceiling to becky@aerialyogaonline.com

If multiple hammocks:
Your first step is ALWAYS to consult a structural engineer to determine how much excess load capacity the ceiling has. Let them know the max working load may be as high as 1,100 lbs (though usually between 0-800lbs). The fail load for each hammock should be around 3,000lbs.

Based on this, they should be able to calculate how many hammocks you can safely put on the ceiling and whether they need to be spaced in a certain way. This would be your max number, but other factors may decrease it based on placement (lighting, ceiling structure, HVAC) .

Your engineer and contractor should work together to develop a solution for your ceiling, BUT if they don’t have much experience rigging aerial rooms, they sometimes end up “reinventing the wheel”, so to speak, at your expense. We have seen many proposed ceiling designs that were strong and safe, but also insanely expensive and unnecessarily complex, when a simpler solution was available.

To help, we can act as a rigging “interpreter” between all parties to make sure everyone understands the specs and spacing required, as well as help creatively troubleshoot strategies for challenges that come up… like creating additional structural reinforcement, dropping anchors down from a high ceiling, drop ceilings, adhering to local fire codes, and many other challenges).

Do you have wooden joists, steel trusses, concrete, a slanted roof? There are an incredible number of photos floating around online about rigging options that may or may not be right for your ceiling. (Some are safe, and some are not.)

We can help your building team create something that meets your needs and help you develop a maintenance inspection plan for your rigging and gear. Our consulting fee is $150, and $100 of this fee can be applied toward your purchase of hammocks.

Our #1 goal is to make sure you can hang your hammocks safely and keep them safe in the future.
To request consult help, please contact Becky Stella at 612-703-9601.