The info provided from this point on is intended to help you find the right professional to install anchors in your ceiling safely for the purposes of yoga asana or fitness exercises on a hammock that do not include drops. Incompatible or weak hardware, poor installation, or a ceiling that is not strong enough can lead to your paralysis or death.

AerialYogaOnline.com and its affiliates are not responsible for your anchor points. We do wish to help by providing important information you can pass on to the professional(s) you hire! Please protect yourself and other users by hiring knowledgeable, insured professionals who can choose and install hardware that is right for your ceiling.

What not to do

**Please understand that 1 or 2 Pointed eyebolts are INSUFFICIENT for rigging a hammock, although they are sometimes sold by untrained sellers online.** (Pointed eyebolts are dangerous unless there is a “safety” of some sort built around them as a backup.) Since you’ll be able to generate 4-5 times your body weight in the hammock just by swinging or jumping in to it, your anchors need to be several times stronger than that. There is no one “perfect” method to rig, nor one magical piece of hardware that works on every ceiling. Rather, in rigging the goal simply to minimize your risk by making the best decisions for the structure, apparatus, and movement you’re working with.

What to do

There are many many options for creating ceiling anchor points, but there may only be one option that works for your particular ceiling. This depends on what it is made of, the age of your building, what is above the ceiling, etc.

What do all the rigging options have in common?
They should have something at the bottom that your carabiners can clip through (like an eyebolt, ring, or loop) and the weakest link in the system should be rated for more than 3,000 lbs or 14kN.

I want to hang in a:

Residential Space (home, apartment) Commercial Space (studio, gym)