Height, Spacing & Rigging Guidelines

NOTE: Prenatal rigging and height are different! Click here for info.

How much room do I need?

Please make sure to give yourself AT LEAST 6 feet clear space in any direction from the center of your hammock.

How do I attach it in to the ceiling?

Each ceiling requires a different style of anchor based on material and structural design. (Wood, concrete, plaster, drywall, old or new joists? Each one requires something different!) Not ever ceiling can hold a swinging human. Check out the RIGGING page for ideas to pass to your builder/contractor who can select and install your anchor(s).

How high should I put the loop?

PLEASE ADJUST YOUR HAMMOCK HEIGHT to your own body for safety and usability. We may recommend a different height for a specific type of movement, and if so, it will be explained in that specific video lesson. In general:

Recommended sling height-web


Adjusting Fabric knots (for larger adjustments):
If your hammock is far too long or too short, simply re-tie one or both of the fabric knots to adjust the length. You will likely only need to adjust one side (unless you are creating foot stirrups on a double point hammock):
To make your hammock much shorter use either knot (figure-8 or slip-knot) and make the tail of the knot longer.
To get the longest hammock possible use the SLIP-KNOT (shown in the video below) on both ends, keeping the ‘tails’ very short. Simply, make sure you have enough tail that it is fully compressed by the knot and won’t slip through. The tail can be tied quite short and still be safe!

Daisychain (for smaller adjustments):
Use the daisy chain to ‘micro-adjust’ the height of your hammock. You can clip your hammock in to ANY loop of the daisy chain, or even straight on to the other carabiner. You can even completely omit the daisy chain and connect the hammock carabiner straight to your ceiling point(s). (Note: Please never clip your carabiner through two subsequent loops of the daisy chain.)

**HEADS UP! When you first receive your hammocks, the knots will be loosened from shipping. You should tighten them up a bit before hanging your hammock. Once you hang it, make sure to gather the hammock like a rope at the bottom and bounce on it gently with your shin a few times to evenly cinch down the knots even further. This will ensure the hammock edges stay level, and after this, you’ll be able to properly adjust using the daisy chain without the loop sinking lower unexpectedly during use. You’ll want to do this whenever you retie your knots.**