~with Becky Stella~ (75-minute session – Aerial Yoga, Aerial Play & Fitness™, Beginning Aerial Silks)
Location: East Austin, TX
Single Class (75 min): $75 private (solo or duet)
4-Class Package: $205 private (solo or duet)
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~with Heather Haugen~ (Aerial Silks, Aerial Fitness, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®)
Location: Eden Prairie, MN
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IOWA, USA (@ The Studio Yoga & Barre)
Advanced Hammock Tricks and Int/Adv Aerial Yoga Workshops
Thurs-Fri, Aug 6-7
This is a private event. If interested contact becky @aerialyogaonline. com.


Advanced Hammock Tricks Workshop
Wed, April 8, PM
For students with regular hammock experience (or who have participated in past trainings) who wish to learn complex tricks. We will explore tricks higher off the ground that challenge strength and agility originating from thigh hitches,’Georgia cross’, and multiple thigh wraps. You must be able to hold a bent arm hang for at least 10 seconds, invert easily, and feel comfortable with the feeling of the hammock on your skin to participate. You MUST come with short nails or you will not be able to grip the fabric well enough to work at this level. Email to register

** Don’t miss the 30-hour Aerial Play & Fitness Teacher Training.


GUATEMALA CITY (@ Equilibrium Fit)
Address: 20 calle 25-85, Zona 10, Centro Comercial La Pradera, Guatemala City, Guatemala. 
REGISTER: via WhatsApp to 57497092 or email to
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Aerial Yoga Master Class: Advanced Hip-Openers for Every Level
Fri, March 6 >> 8am- 10am ($40/Q315)
Get ready to surprise yourself! Whether you have chronically tight hip or a perfect Lotus pose, this class offers a deep exploration of the hips. We’ll use the hammock and the floor to warm up the muscles deep in the pelvis and create the space needed to access some exotic hip-openers and inversions that would otherwise feel “impossible” on the floor. Take basic yoga postures to the air, and experience several brand new aerial yoga postures (created in 2019). A small class size means that modifications and personal attention can be given to each student.

Aerial Yoga: Intermediate and Advanced Technique
Fri, March 6 >> 1-4pm ($65/Q510)
Aerial Yoga helps us achieve inversions more easily and practice postures without compression of the joints. This allows us the time to dive deeper in to seemingly simple postures to find their most vibrant expression, and to progress into their more complex variations. Take your practice to the next level through new, challenging aerial asana AND a deeper dive in to some aerial postures you may think you already know! Learn how to use the hammock as a prop to improve your breathing, and to support pranayama.

Aerial Yoga: How to Use the Hammock as a Multi-Vitamin for your Yoga Practice + Theory
Fri, March 6 >> 5-8pm ($65/Q510)
What are the benefits to adding a hammock to your yoga practice? There are many! AND YET, simply doing postures in a hammock is not a guarantee you’ll receive ANY benefits at all! How is this possible? It’s not what you are doing, but rather, the HOW, WHEN, and WHY. This workshop incorporates practices designed to bring about insights that can forever change and improve the way you practice yoga both on the hammock and on the mat. Advanced asanas can take years to learn and understand; over the years, we have found that the Unnata Yoga method effectively speeds up this process. Leave with a new understanding (and long list of tools) to get more out of the classes you take, to explore the hammock more deeply, and to design practices that are not just beneficial, but transformative!

Aerial Fitness Master Class: Create a Strong and Flexible Spine
Sat, March 7 >> 11am-1pm ($40/Q315)
In this class we’ll use the hammock to help open tight areas of the torso, strengthen our weak spots, and find a free and strong backbend. Gain technique and confidence in your arching and twisting, and learn hammock tricks that build and show off flexibility and strength. (Not suitable for students with recent back injuries.)

Aerial Fitness & Tricks (3 hrs, $65) circus-based – Practice
Sat, Mar 7 >> 2-5pm ($65/Q510)
Discover an expressive and rhythmic way to work out on the hammock! Warm up and progress your technique through sequences designed to progress your skills towards specific hammock tricks. Once you’ve learned a few tricks, we’ll add transitions between them to create a short performance sequence! Have a question about a trick you’ve seen online? Bring it! We will reserve some time at the end to workshop any requests, answer technique questions, take video, and end with strength conditioning.

Aerial Fitness & Tricks circus-based – Practice + Theory:
Sun, March 8 >> 9am-12pm ($65/Q510)
Ten years ago if a person wanted to learn a silks or hammock trick, they had to ask a professional. Today, everything has changed; even very dangerous (and sometimes poorly done) tricks are easily accessible via YouTube and Instagram. How can you as a student (or teacher) make sure you’re learning safely? In this workshop you’ll learn several sequences that progress up to hammock tricks, but we will also examine the methodology behind them so you understand how to build your own effective sequences. How do you learn a new trick safely? How do you know when someone else is ready to learn a specific trick from you? We’ll also investigate basic aerial anatomy, fabric placement, spotting techniques, nausea prevention, and safety issues in relation to sequencing.