Intro to Aerial Yoga – St Paul, MN
Thurs, April 18, 7:30-9pm | Tula Yoga & Wellness | REGISTER

Aerial Core Work – St Paul, MN
Thurs, April 25, 7:30-9pm | Tula Yoga & Wellness | REGISTER
Core party! Connect your legs, rib basket, and pelvic floor to your core to tap in to strength you never knew you had. We will strengthen the trunk in the 7 directions of the spine, giving attention to both deep and superficial core muscles. A class full of crunchies? No way! Learn new tricks and tap in to muscles you never knew you had with a playful attitude.


KBC Bldg – 11th Floor, Main Road, Kaslik, Lebanon
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Monday May 7, 6-7:30pm – Aerial Play & Fitness™ Workshop
Tuesday May 8, 7-8:30pm – Aerial Yoga: Handstands and Inversions
Thursday May 10, 7-8:30pm – Aerial Tricks and Transitions Workshop
Friday May 11, 11am-12:30 – Unnata® Aerial Yoga Workshop
Friday May 11, 6:30-8pm – Unnata® Aerial Yoga Workshop (AM & PM classes will be different curriculum)

MON: Aerial Play & Fitness™
Experience a rhythmic and challenging way to work out on the hammock. Learn to maneuver though the fabric smoothly and access deep core muscles. Each fitness/movement sequence improves your strength, coordination, and technique preparing you for 1-2 related hammock tricks. Enjoy a full-body workout that is punctuated with moments of play! Open to all students.

TUES: Aerial Yoga: Handstands and Inversions
What really happens to you when you’re upside down? Do you ever stay there long enough to find out? In this class we’ll have the opportunity to invert in a relaxed state and explore all manners of being upside down. We will work through the panic and mental blocks that trick us in to thinking that we can’t balance or that we must re-vert. Once comfortable upside down we’ll work on strengthening your handstand, headstand, and forearm stand in various way. No previous inversion practice required! Gain a more flexible perspective about your physical relationship to the outside world and a new understanding of center. Open to all students

THURS: Aerial Tricks and Transitions
Performing tricks on a hammock is fairly easy, but there is one major difference that separates the amateur from professional aerialists: Transitions! In this workshop we will learn new hammock tricks as well as creative transition options to link each trick. Start building your ‘transition ‘vocabulary so that you can eventually make your own creative choices when moving from pose to pose. By the end, we will create a sequence you can move through gracefully (or “dance”) so that each moment of your movement is beautiful and intentional. This class is highly recommended for those who already have some aerial hammock experience, as well as aerial teacher trainees, and dancers. .

FRI: Unnata® Aerial Yoga (2 different workshops)
Unnata Aerial Yoga was the first established form of aerial yoga (see, originating in New York City in the mid-2000s. “Unnata” means “elevated” in both the spiritual and physical sense, and it weaves together both floor postures and hammock postures in a way that provides new realizations that would otherwise take years to find in a regular floor yoga practice. Do you think you’ve mastered Warrior 2? Downdog? Get ready to experience your postures in new ways. Classes may also utilize the hammock to deepen your experience of pranayama (manipulation of energy through breath) and the bandhas (energetic locks). Open to all students.


Aerial Yoga:
Sundays 10:15-11:15am @ Tula Yoga & Wellness // Register


~with Becky Stella~ (60-minute session – Aerial Yoga or Aerial Play & Fitness™)
Email to schedule.
Single Private Class: $35

4-Class Package: $120 (save $20!)

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~with Becky Stella~ (75-minute session – Aerial Yoga or Aerial Play & Fitness™)
Location: 340 Newton Ave N, Minneapolis MN
Single Class: $40 solo; $50 duet
4-Class Package: $130 solo; $170 duet
Email to schedule

~with Heather Haugen~ (60 minute session – Aerial Acrobatics, Aerial Fitness, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis)
Location: Eden Prairie, MN
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(Minneapolis/St Paul, MN Metro Area)
Group classes are a memorable way to spend a birthday, bachelorette party, or team-building event. Try Aerial Yoga, Aerial Play & Fitness, or Aerial Acrobatics. Large group classes are held at Tula Yoga & Wellness (Minneapolis/St Paul Metro). Email to schedule.
(75 minutes):
3 People – $100
4-7 People – $25 per person
8-12 People – $25 per person (organizer attends free!)

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(Cancellations 7+ days in advance will be fully refunded. Later cancellations will be refunded minus a $25 studio reservation fee.)