Unnata© Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

**Open to yoga teachers with a 200-hour yoga teaching certification.**


To Apply:

Please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION HERE. You will receive notification of acceptance via email with options for submitting your deposit ($500). This deposit registers you for the training and holds your spot. Remaining tuition balance is typically due 1-2 weeks prior to training start date.


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As a pioneer of aerial yoga, Unnata’s teacher trainings are respected for their depth and dedication to the practice of yoga. We frequently welcome teachers in to our trainings who have had experiences in shorter trainings but realize they are looking for something more substantial. The Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course offers a very large amount of information in a relatively short amount of time and the training generally spans 9-10 days, with each student present for a minimum of 65 hours. Course days normally span 10 hours (usually starting around 9am), including breaks:

  • Regular Course Days: Days 1-8
    100% attendance required.
  • Variable Testing Days: Day 9-10
    Required attendance will determined the month prior to training; priority will be given to long-distance travelers. If you have a potential schedule conflict either day, please email instructor to inquire before applying. (Depending on the number of participants, you may not be scheduled for Day 10).


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As a trained yoga teacher, we honor your teaching and background and encourage you to bring what you practice to the hammock. The Unnata method is known for its focus on safety, powerful sequencing, and using the fabric hammock to support and transform your floor practice. By incorporating postures both in the air and on the floor in an intentional manner you can strike the necessary energetic and physical balance in your classes to guide students to a state of yoga – neutral, peaceful… an “empty cup,” so to speak.

With special attention on how the aerial informs the terrestrial yoga and vice versa, we will examine over 100 postures on a deeper level to see what’s happening on physical, energetic, and emotional levels. Learn safety, spotting, cuing, modifications and padding so that aerial postures are accessible to all students. Learn to use the fabric as a teaching tool for your students to better understand bandhas, pranayama, and breath awareness. Explore how the fabric can be used as a transformative tool rather than simply an acrobatic prop.

How does the hammock affect the energy body? The emotional body? The nervous system and circulatory systems? How should this knowledge affect your sequencing?  This course teaches you not only WHAT to do on the hammock, but examines WHY you would do it. With the understanding of ‘when and why’, you can then create new ways of using the hammock to support your asana, pranayama and all the koshas within a practice.

Trainings are typically limited to 5-10 trainees. A small group provides an intimate and creative environment in which teachers can share their own expertise and examine different approaches to sequencing using the fabric as a prop. Good sequencing is the key to a true yoga class, and the training offers a full two days of learning, discussing, experiencing, and experimenting with sequencing.

In the training you will also learn rigging safety basics as well and how to make (and care for) and your own equipment.

This training was developed by the founder of Aerial Yoga, Michelle Dortignac. Becky Stella is one of her three teacher trainers based in the USA. READ MORE ABOUT THE TEACHER TRAINING ON THE FOUNDER’S WEBSITE


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Deposit of $500 saves your spot.

Included in Tuition:

  • Unnata Course manual
  • Unnata teacher licensing (see below)

Unnata Yoga is NOT a franchise and instead offers independent teachers the option to use the Unnata name and trademark with a yearly license renewal ($25-$50). The renewal also offers these additional benefits:

  • Your contact information listed on the “Class Finder” feature of www.AerialYoga.com. (#1 landing site for google inquiries)
  • Access to future Advanced Unnata Training Courses
  • On-going support on the Unnata teacher facebook forum via training videos and group discussion. The forum is a place for instructors around the world to share creative ideas as well as get answers to questions about yoga business, hammock installation, technique, injuries, working with special populations of students, etc.

Upon Graduation:

Graduates join up with the Unnata Facebook page to keep in touch with the world-wide Unnata teacher community and share ideas for creative new asana and application. This is an exceptional resource to stay inspired, ask questions, and or to delve in to niche classes like restorative, therapeutic yoga, and teaching special populations (limited mobility, chronic disease, injury). Utilize video resources from the founder to brush up on technique, safety, and more.

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