Front Balance Swimming Series

Title: Front Balance Swimming Series

Category: Aerial Play and Fitness

Length: 13 minutes

4 min learn / 9 min flow

Gain strength and awareness in your back body while elongating. The placement of the hammock offers assistance with pelvic alignment while you:

  • Strengthen the hamstrings, glutes & lower back
  • Increase flexibility in the hips and legs
  • Open the shoulders and chest
  • A wonderful series for increasing proprioception!

This sequence includes a passive, forward inversion.

This video is not for persons who are pregnant, have glaucoma/retina disease, unmedicated high blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, heart disease, or should not invert for any other reason. Persons with very tight or weak shoulders should use a chair for hand support.

(Contains two videos: “learn” for technique [4 min] and “flow” [9 min] for the full practice)

Video Lesson Sneak Peek:

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