Spiral Spinal Series

Title: Spiral Spinal Series

Category: Aerial Play & Fitness

Purpose: Strengthen, Release

Length: 25 minutes

13 min learn/12 min flow

This intermediate-level movement series is our new favorite! Work deeply in to the muscles and connective tissue of the torso and shoulders, building the 3-dimensional strength, length, and spiraling musculature aerialists require. This sophisticated series:

  • Builds musculature to support a twisting backbend
  • Progresses single-armed scapular stabilization
  • Takes “seaweed” to a deeper level
  • Combines low-load, upper body twisting with arching and curling
  • Both opens and seriously strengthens the intercostals and erector spinae (increasing your breath capacity!)

To get the most out of this video, we strongly recommend you first get proficient with the Pull Taffy Series and Peeldown Series. (The Starburst Series will also help you prepare in understanding fabric angle!)

*All Aerial Play & Fitness series video lessons contains two videos: The first video (“LEARN”) provides step-by-step instructions to learn technique, fabric placement, and safety tips. The second video (“FLOW”) leads you rhythmically through the entire practice in real-time.

Video Lesson Sneak Peek:

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