Starburst Series

Title: Starburst Series

Category: Aerial Play & Fitness

Length: 22 minutes

9 min learn / 13 min flow

Everything you need to build balance, strengthen your core to limb connection, and elongate and tone your limbs. A combination of core and grounding work, this series will:

  • Challenge your balance
  • Increase core strength (back, side, and front)
  • Increase functional strength of thighs and glutes
  • Develop flow and grace in your movement
  • Change your perspective and challenge your relationship to gravity

*All Aerial Play & Fitness series video lessons contains two videos: The first video (“LEARN”) provides step-by-step instructions to learn technique, fabric placement, and safety tips. The second video (“FLOW”) leads you rhythmically through the entire practice in real-time.

Video Lesson Sneak Peek:

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